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Special Offers for our Customers

This is where you will find all our special offers.


It is worthwhile coming back to this page every now and then because we like to pass on any special pricing deals offered by our suppliers to our customers.


We like to be able to offer our local customers products and services which give genuine value for money.  

Frost Sentry - prevents frozen condensate pipes and boiler lockouts Don't get caught out when the temperature drops - install a Frosty Sentry Protect your family or tenants with a CO detector Did you have to boil a kettle and lag external pipes to get your boiler working last winter?

No more frozen condensate pipe and boiler failures in cold weather

See how Frost Sentry can solve the problem of frozen condensate pipes that cause tens of thousands of boiler to shut down every winter

Carbon Monoxide

- The Silent Killer

See how the H450 Carbon Monoxide Detector is an inexpensive way to gain peace of mind when it comes to the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.


Whether you as a Landlord who has to legally install this to protect your tenants, or if you are just concerned about your own safety and that of your family when in a living caravan, working in the shed or garage, on holiday or just that extra protection when at home.


The H450 CO Detector protects you from the “Silent Killer”.

ScotiaCare HomePlan - For only £7.99 a month

ScotiaCare HomePlan
Only £7.99 per Month

Designed especially for our local customers in the GL and WR postcode areas this excellant value for money product offers 3 insurance cover plans in 1  - PLUS a free annual boiler service.

Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick

Free Boiler Repairs

Free Heating & Hot Water System Repairs

Free Electrical Repairs

ScotiaCare HomePlan - Only £7.99 per Month Intergas £400 Intergas £400

£400 off your new boiler

  • £400 discount

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 10 year heat exchanger guarantee

  • No hidden extras

  • A simple quotation

  • A professional installation

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