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The Intergas Combi Compact HRE boiler has ground breaking technology and incorporates the latest ’Double High Efficiency’ heat exchanger. Due to the separate central heating and hot water circuits the Intergas Combi Compact HRE doesn’t use a diverter valve and secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchanger. This eliminates a significant source of possible future component failures. Furthermore during hot water usage the pump isn’t in operation thus enhancing the lifespan of this critical component.





All parts in the Combi Compact HRE boiler are easily accessible as the boiler case can be easily removed from the front. Furthermore, most parts are interchangeable throughout the entire range thus reducing the need to carry endless amounts of spare parts. The double two-in-one heat exchanger of the Intergas Combi Compact HRE high-efficiency boiler has proven to be extremely reliable. That is why Intergas gives a warranty of 10 years on its heat exchanger. The Combi Compact boiler not only works with the regular ‘on/off’ thermostats but also with programmable room thermostats.





With its patented technology the Intergas Combi Compact HRE boiler combines high-efficiency in both domestic hot water and central heating modes, resulting in a unique energy efficient design. Thanks to the economical operation of the Intergas Combi Compact HRE boiler a considerable saving in energy consumption is realised. A switch-mode power supply reduces the so called stand-by losses to almost zero. The Intergas Combi Compact HRE boiler is equipped with an infinitely modulating regulation, which automatically adjusts the capacity of the boiler to the requirements of the user. Moreover, with the boiler’s unique ‘self learning’ ECO-mode the domestic hot water comfort function automatically switches off during the night or at long-term absence.

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