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Electric Boilers

There are occasions that fitting a gas condensing boiler is not an option because of building design, problems with running gas supplies or flues or, because of local or national planning and building regulations.


In these instances we believe that one of the best alternative products is an electric boiler and we recommend and install the GAH Electrastream with Tri-Core energy efficient heating technology.



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Product Dimensions

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  • Only water and electric economy tariff services required

  • Environmentally friendly - clean at the point of use with no emissions or flue requirements

  • Quiet in operation - no boiler running noise

  • Central heating with conventional water filled radiators or underfloor heating

  • Far more flexible heating control than storage radiators

  • Mains pressure hot and cold water supply from GAH Dualstream technology

  • Hot water to outlets temperature controlled by Thermostatic Mixing valve

  • Energy efficient, Tri-Core technology ranges electrical usage by using 3 x 3Kw imersion heaters

Electrastream Controllable electric boilers

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